Iris Revival Church was begun by Ps Surprise Sithole, Pastoral Director of Iris Global. In a vision Ps Surprise had seen the mountains around Nelspruit full of horses breathing fire over Nelspruit. Obeying the voice of the Lord to position himself for revival in Nelspruit, he moved with his family from Back Door where they already had an established church and ministry, to Nelspruit It wasn’t long after,  that he was approached by a friend  to come and see a property they had purchased and that there was a Chapel on the property. As the Chapel door was opened it revealed a red carpet running down the aisle to the alter. Ps Surprise and Tryphina his wife stood in amazement as they looked at the carpet, as only the day before she had said she would like to walk on a red carpet and Ps Surprise had said he would take her down a red carpet one day. They took this as a sign from the Lord that this was where they were to begin their ministry in Nelspruit. On the 16th January 2011 the first service was held with a group of people Ps surprise had invited to join him and guests. The remarkable walk this church has had over the last 6 years, has been amazing. God has equipped believers,  through a very competent Pastor,  to rise up in their callings and to be released into their ministries. As the winds have blown and the tempests have raged,  This little congregation has stood on the Rock that is Jesus and learnt to love and forgive. Called to be an Apostle and Prophet,  Ps Surprise has encouraged the church to embrace these callings in their lives and there has been vast growth in many of the people who attend and serve in the congregation. The heart of this church is to make a difference in their homes, City, Nation and the World. To this end we are excited to see the Spirit move in our midst and to take all involved with IRC to the next level.